Group Show at the Hive Gallery, Gabriola Village

I will have 3 drawings in a show suited for the end of October. Monsters and Mythos runs from October 22 to November 2nd ( held over until 17th)  Opening celebration on Thursday October 22, 6-9 p.m. 

My pieces are from an old series of 17 based on some scary Greek goddesses. I have never shown these before. Each one is professionally matted and framed ready to hang; about 14 x 17" ; ink and watercolour. These works are different from my current work, but similar in style and of narrative content to what I do now. They fit nicely into the show theme and I have always really liked them. I hope you will too! 

Medousa and her Sisters

Here is one of the drawings representing Medousa and her ghastly sisters. These three were gorgons and Medousa the only mortal gorgon, ruled the sea and some described as the female name for Poseidon, god of the oceans.   The sisters  were described as having golden wings, "mighty tusks--- and bodies girdled with serpents". 

Out of her head, sprang the winged horse Pegasos---- just one story about these three. 



Antoinette HerivelComment