January 31st for the "One World Map Event"

On January 31st Gabriola Arts council will hold a Gala Night at the Community Hall to auction nearly 60 works of art inspired by maps. Island artists have generously devoted time and materials to produce an amazing array of imaginative pieces. CBC celebrity Shelagh Rogers will host the event.

Check out my piece which is a story book: " The adventures of Captain Jack", a one off artist book created with a unique painted  collage technique applied to paper and fabric. 


Rebellious members of the crew

A page from the book with excerpts from Captain Jack's log in 1872. After winning the gold coins, two crew members abscond and another steals the crew's dinner and decalres that he ain't working for nobody no more. 

Pencil crayon , ink and collage on coloured wheat paste paper.

Antoinette HerivelComment