"She'e Come Undone"

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Group Self portrait show of eight women artists on Gabriola at the Arts and Heritage hall on South Road. See the poster above for details. 

This invitation  coincides with the 50th anniversary of my being in Canada. I chose to think about the passing of time and all that had existed during that time period.  The result was a "no frills" honest look at aging.  "Selfies" are a popular way of recording oneself, but rather than use a camera, I chose the old and slow way of looking in a mirror. 

I painted with egg tempera, a very old medium but one that is difficult to gloss over or flatter details. It is an unforgiving method of painting, using layers of tiny brush strokes to build the surface.  As inspiration , I looked at early Renaissance portraits but also remembered seeing Rembrandt's self portraits in Amsterdam. The paintings of the artist as an aging man I remember as poignant and moving.  Rembrandt painted with oils but I was inspired by the honesty and frankness in his self examination.

My exercise in egg tempera was a challenge in renewing that skill. It says a lot about who I am as a person and artist. I like challenge and persevere until I overcome whatever I decide to set as a goal. As I age, I value truth and simplicity, which is what I ave tried to present. 


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