> Paintings: Recent Work

All oil on canvas, these paintings are part of a new series of narratives combining allegorical ideas, memory of place and time . These paintings were part of my recent show "Observation to Imagination. I paired the narratives with significant still life objects


> Ackender Road Childhood Memoir project 

All the paintings are oil on Arches oil paper . There will be 100 eventually and they combine memory narratives based on three years of my childhood from the age of eight to eleven in a small market town in England in the early 1950's.  They are painted with little reference to photos, using a "magic realism" style. 

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Kitchen and Floral

The three "fundamentals " I work with are, Observation, Memory and Imagination. This series embraces the genre of still life using objects that have meaning, or that resonate through colour or shape. I paint only from observation and often use more than one view point to create a composition. All paintings are oil on canvas. 

>Paintings  | Still Life


> Paintings

Inland Water Series

an interpretation of my local environment, focussing on marshes and ponds . Oil on canvas or paper.