The three "fundamentals" I work with are observation, memory and Imagination. 

The underlying theme of my work is autobiography and family history whether through narratives, objects, clothing or place.  I consider myself a "visual storyteller".  

I like to work in series, often concurrently. I mostly work with oils and occasionally with egg tempera, one of the earliest media in the history of painting.   



































Ackender Road Childhood Memoir project ( ongoing)

All the Ackender Road paintings are oil on Arches oil paper . There will be 100 eventually and they combine memory narratives based on three years of my childhood from the age of eight to eleven in a small market town in England in the early 1950's.  They are painted with little reference to photos, using a "magic realism" style. The originals are not currently for sale, although custom prints can be arranged. Please contact me through the link provided if you are interested. Eventually I hope to create a book project and at least an exhibition.  

Other narrative Paintings including Allegories: 2016-2017 : 

The Lost Garden ( on going)

My ideas for narrative paintings are inspired by memory, old photographs, literature, place time and many other influences. The current work in this section was shown in my exhibition "Observation to Imagination" in 2017

Still Life 2016 -2017 : New additions of miniature fruits and vegetable paintings for Fall 2019




  Still Life    Frocks( selected) : 2011-2016

 Landscape : Wetlands 2015-on going

an interpretation of my local environment, focussing on marshes and ponds . Oil on canvas or paper. I began painting the local landscape of my current home: Gabriola Island as an exercise in looking at light and colour.Each one features ground water in some form , an important part of our eco system.