The three "fundamentals" I work with are: Observation,Memory and Imagination. This allows me to work with observation as in the genres of still life or landscape

and to go further into memory and imagined ideas in my narrative painting. In the still life paintings I do not use photos, but paint from observation, sometimes using more than one view point to create



































Recent Paintings


Narrative paintings and the Ackender Road Childhood Memoir project 

All the paintings are oil on Arches oil paper . There will be 100 eventually and they combine memory narratives based on three years of my childhood from the age of eight to eleven in a small market town in England in the early 1950's.  They are painted with little reference to photos, using a "magic realism" style. 

The Allegory paintings combine allegorical ideas with memory of place and time. The four paintings were in a 2017 exhibition "Observation to Imagination" 


Other narrative Paintings

My ideas for narrative paintings are inspired by memory, old photographs, literature, place time and many other influences. The current work in this section was shown in my exhibition "Observation to Imagination" in 2017

Still Life




  Still Life    Frocks


Inland Water Series

an interpretation of my local environment, focussing on marshes and ponds . Oil on canvas or paper.